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The DAKOTA Hotel brand was developed by Ken McCulloch, a highly respected European hotelier who had previously developed and sold the Malmaison hotel chain. The DAKOTA operating concept was designed to provide a stylish, full-service luxury hotel experience at an affordable price; hence the selection of the DAKOTA name, hearkening back to the first commercial airline in the U.S. which was launched to bring the luxury of air travel to the masses. DAKOTA hotel is a lifestyle hotel with an unexpected counterpoint: it offers innovative style and an unexpected level of service at an affordable price. Its uncomplicated and modest price structure suggests inclusion within the limited service hotel sector; yet it bears no resemblance to — and in fact is an anecdote for — the antiseptic group of hotels that define this product category. DAKOTA unhinges the notion that style has to cost more or that great service is available only in luxury hotels.

The DAKOTA brand launched in Nottingham in 2004 with considerable success, achieving numerous industry accolades and strong customer acceptance. DAKOTA is stylish and comfortable with broad appeal to business and leisure travelers where price is a consideration, but comfort and style is a must. Higher than standard occupancies are a direct result of appealing to those inspirational travelers wanting to trade up for an experience perceived to be available only at much more expensive hotels, or for those who will trade down to 'get more for less' without sacrificing style, class and great customer service. As such, it immediately displaced demand from three/four-star, full-service hotels vulnerable to its appeal as a high energy brand — chic, yet fashioned with comfort, warmth and soul.

In 2004, Euan McGlashan was employed as the new CEO to oversee the continued success, award winning service & guest experience delivery and the overall buildout of the brand concept, taking DAKOTA from one hotel in Nottingham to three with the development of Glasgow Eurocentral and Edinburgh Forthbridge.

In 2005, Dakota was named one of Conde Nast's 60 Best New Hotels in the World. That recognition is all the more significant because the other 59 hotels named were luxury hotels; it was the only moderately priced hotel to make the list.

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